Iceland Oil(Olis) is the oldest oil company in Iceland. It operates a national network of fuel stations and specializes in sales and service of fuel. CRI has long term Renewable Methanol sales contract with Olis.


HS Orka harnesses geothermal energy, steam, and water at Svartsengi and other areas on the Reykjanes peninsula. HS Orka will be the primary feedstock provider for the CRI´s George Olah Renewable Methanol Plant.


Grindavik is a municipality on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. Grindavik alone produces more than 40% of Iceland's salt fish production with one of the most active harbours in Iceland. CRI´s  George Olah Renewable Methanol Plant is colocated with HS Orka in Grindavik.


Mannvit Engineering is one of the team members of the integrated project team of CRI´s George Olah Renewable Methanol Plant.


Innovation Center Iceland is the national laboratory under the Ministry of Industry. CRI collaborates with the Innovation Center for grants and technology development.